07 January, 2018

Adding to the Terrain

Wall section - all pictures from Crom's Anvil site
These trees are taller than my current ones
While I think I have enough terrain to fill a small tabletop for a desert setting, I decided to place an order today at Crom's Anvil for a few more pieces.  From their selection of items I purchased some stone walls and pillars (to give the small village I have some sort of defensive works), a prepainted bushes piece, and ten tall trees that will add another level of height to the board.  Once added to Deimos Design buildings, the David Glenn shanties, and The Terrain Guy trees and gaming tiles, I should have a fairly full setup.  I also have some finished rock outcrops and fields for troops to use as cover and/or concealment.  In a skirmish-type setting, one needs a variety of terrain!

Placing an order with Crom's was a snap as they take PayPal.  Once I receive the pieces I'll take a few pictures and create another post showing how the pieces look upon arrival.  I'll also pull out all my terrain and take some pictures on the entire layout.
Neat little piece of terrain

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