04 January, 2018

When the Navy Walked 18mm

German regulars - picture from JTFM website
After clarifying shipping costs from Canada to the United States (and having my question about said costs answered via email in just a few minutes!), I have placed a small order for two packs of figures from the JTFM Enterprises When the Navy Walked range.  There are just eight packs of infantry in the range, two each for Britain, Germany (Prussia), France, and the United States, each country having a pack of regulars and one of elites.  In this case the pack of German and French regulars are figures suitable for colonial gaming, and I am hoping they will be suitable size-wise with the Blue Moon figures.

The packs I believe just have two poses and no command figures.  There are twelve figures per pack, and packs cost $6.00 Canadian (.40 cents per figure USD).

So, order placed the evening of January 3rd for figures shipping from Canada to the U.S. - I'll update when they arrive so that folks can gauge shipping timeframes.

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