16 October, 2016


I've added a couple of links to the Resource page, but beyond that I haven't accomplished much on the German Colonial front over the last few months.  Oh, I did update a cleaner version of A Place in the Sun (see link to right) to Google Docs, so that is something I guess.

I am going to pull out my copy of The Herero War tonight and perhaps even start to put together an order for Old Glory 15s.  I tell ya, if I were ever to win the lottery, I would commission Blue Moon to make a complete line of German colonials that would include all the various areas the Germans were involved, including China, but one does have to play the lottery to win the lottery.  

19 April, 2016

A Small Update

On the Figure Front

I sent a message to 19th Century about the availability of Old Glory 15s for the Herero Revolt project.  I received a reply within a few hours, which indicated that they can fulfill orders for OG15s without issue.  I am skeptical of course, but to game this period in 15mm, really this is about my only choice, especially if I want to stay within one manufacturer, as I like to do.

I was looking at 10mm as an alternative, but again, there is not one company making all the figures needed, plus most of my terrain is scaled for 15mm...actually, as there will be very few buildings, the terrain is really not an issue if there were 10mm options, but alas, there are none.

So, probably within a couple of months as I sort through other gaming projects, I will place an order with 19th Century and cross my fingers and toes that they will fulfill the order in a timely manner with no issues!

New Page Added

I have added a new page that has some photos and artwork relative to the Herero Revolt.  I will be adding more in the future as I come across.

New Links Added

The Darkest Africa gaming site, while it has not been updated in some years, still has some excellent inspirational material related to German colonials.

I have also linked the old Savage and Soldier online article written by Paul Beck on the Colonial Wars of Imperial Germany.  

And I have added A Grab Bag of Games blog to the blog roll.  While the blog owner is focusing on early conflicts in East Africa, it serves as a great source of inspiration as well.

16 April, 2016

A Year Goes By...

It has been nearly a year since my last post on this blog.  Really nothing has changed for me on the colonial front:  figures (in 15mm) are still impossible to buy due to a certain company's inability to provide product and service.  To make it worse, I was also considering dabbling in Italian colonials, but my preferred source there has dried up as well (Aude Historica).  Luckily I did buy two packs of their 1880s Italians (Battle of Dogali period), so I can still do some skirmish gaming with them, or use them as a faction within a German colonial setting (ala The Wind and the Lion), although that setting would either have to be somewhat imaginary as the Italians were a far cry from Sudwest Afrika.

One blog of note, gaming the German Ost Afrika wars, is A Grab Bag of Games.  The post on the Ost Afrika project is inspiring and detailed and it drives me to try and game some German colonials, but I am certainly not going to change scales (my terrain is nearly all 15mm and my space is limited).

And another interesting gaming site of inspiration, Darkest Africa.  There are some posts about Wissmann, German Marines, German Askaris, etc.  Some good work there, although, like A Grab Bag of Games, in 25/28mm.

All this cool stuff and I sit here, nearly dormant.  I did just pull out The Herero War (the Jones and Alvarado gaming guide).  Maybe I should try reaching out to Old Glory 15s to see what transpires....
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