Sources of inspiration or companies who make items that will be used for my German colonial gaming projects.

A Grab Bag of Games - A blog that covers a decent amount of colonial gaming, including an Abushiri Revolt project.

Armies in East Africa 1914-18 - A solid Osprey title dealing with The Great War in East Africa.

Cotton Jim's Flags - Makes 15mm Legation and national flags, along with Arab.

Cornflower Blue & Corduroy - A highly interesting blog, hosted by Tim Abbott.  Not only does his blog cover his gaming of the Herero War, but he also provides much historical information.

Crom's Anvil - Some useful terrain pieces.

Darkest Africa - A nice colonial website, with an Arab Rebellion project, but it hasn't been updated since 2006!

East Riding Miniatures - Tony Barr has a range of Coastal Arabs that I will use for the Zanzibari Arabs and Swahilis.

German Colonial Uniforms - An amazing collection of uniform data for all German colonial wars, large and small.

Herero Wars - THE one stop source for gaming the Herero period.  While written for The Sword and the Flame, the rules modifications could be used for any set of colonial rules.  There are several scenarios covering a variety of tactical issues.

Imperial German Colonial Overseas Troops 1885-1918 - Osprey title covering the entire period.  Like all Ospreys, there is decent info, but in this case a bit too broad of a brush.

Old Glory 15s - From 19th Century Miniatures, using parts of the Boxer Rebellion and Boer War ranges for the Herero War.

Ost-Afrika/Kleinkriege - Yahoo group originally started by yours truly, there is a lot of info in the Files, Photos, and Links sections worth checking out.

The Scene - Useful terrain pieces.

Warbases - Their 15mm circular bases used inconjunction with their movement trays should work well for handling individually mounted figures.

Warrior Peoples of East Africa 1840-1900 - Another Osprey title, this one covers the German incursions later in the 19th Century.

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