24 November, 2018

Der Wind und der Löwe - Rules Revisit and Bases

After pulling out my copy of Colonial Adventures, printed now by Rebel Minis, but originally a Two Hour Wargames product, I believe they will be the rules of choice.  While they call for twenty figure units, I think they will work fine with the fifteen figure units I am organizing.  Having played some of the other Two Hours offerings, I like their reaction and reputation driven rules.  Of course, rules are always open to change!

As for bases, Litko used to be my go to company as they make high quality bases in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.  But lately I have been looking for a more affordable alternative, and Warbases offers just that.  I can still buy the sizes and thickness to match my Litko stash, but the pricing is noticeably less expensive, even with the shipping from overseas (they are a UK based company).  So, I have ordered a slew of round bases, and some movement trays for both mob and formed units.

23 November, 2018

Der Wind und der Löwe - First Factions Ordered

Placed a small order today to create the first factions, German Seebattalion, Egyptians for the Khedive's forces, and Tauregs.  Using the Old Glory Army Card and placing my order on the Old Glory 25s site, one can save a nice chunk of money, comes out to be less than a quarter per figure.  

Units will be fifteen figures, mounted individually on 20mm round bases.  The Seebattalion troops will be painted in the standard tropical uniform for China, circa 1900 (see picture from the German Colonial Uniforms website).  The Egyptians will have their white uniforms most noted for the Sudan.

19 November, 2018

Which Country Would You Choose and Why?

Since Blogger no longer allows polls, we'll have to conduct this "poll" via the comments.  

If you were doing a multi-national colonial mashup like the Boxer Rebellion with many powers involved, which nation from the following list would you choose and why?

Great Britain
United States

And yes, I left out Japan and others as my intent is to cover the nations in my Der Wind und der Löwe project.

So, what say ye?  Leave a comment with your choice and reasons why.

20 July, 2018


All of a sudden, the Romanians are interested in this blog.  Looks like they are vying with Russia to be the world's greatest hackers.  This blog certainly does not cover Romania, and I would find it difficult to believe that Romanians care about German colonial gaming!

Dintr-o dată, românii sunt interesați de acest blog. Se pare că se luptă cu Rusia pentru a fi cei mai mari hackeri din lume. Acest blog cu siguranță nu acoperă România și mi-ar fi greu să cred că românii se ocupă de jocurile coloniale germane!

Die Rumänen interessieren sich plötzlich für diesen Blog. Sieht aus, als würden sie mit Russland konkurrieren, um die größten Hacker der Welt zu sein. Dieser Blog deckt sicherlich nicht Rumänien ab, und ich würde es schwer finden zu glauben, dass Rumänen sich für deutsches Kolonialspiel interessieren!

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