16 January, 2015

Rules for Download

I've added two sets of rules for folks to download from Google Docs.  I hope I have done this correctly, be certain to let me know if you have issues downloading the rules.

The first set, A Place in the Sun, is the late Greg Novak's work for Southwest Africa.  A fellow gamer was kind enough to scan these rules for me, but there are a couple of gaps where I had to guess as to what was originally written as the scan cut off part of the pages.  If anyone has these rules and can provide the correct information (highlighted in yellow on the download) I would greatly appreciate the help!

The second set is simply a modification of Ted Brown's The Sand of the Desert which appeared in Issue 9 of the now sadly defunct Colonial Conquest magazine.  The rules were written for the Sudan, and I modified them a bit for use in East Africa.  I was planning on doing this period with 28mm figures, but with moving to a smaller place I will have to do some research for using 10mm or 15mm miniatures.

Enjoy the rules, feedback of course is welcome, and if you have any issues with the links please let me know.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you kindly and I hope you receive a little bit of enjoyment from the rules. I'll be adding more downloads in the future.

  2. Unfortunatly unable to open Bagamoyo rules, although could be my pc.
    Love to try these out as have 28mm Zanzibari arabs, RN saliors and RN marines.

    1. Email me at preds81.ds at gmail.com and I will send you a copy.


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