13 January, 2015

Willkommen in der Blog!

Welcome to my blog about gaming some of the various German colonial wars.  This will be a very sporadic blog, as I really needed a place to combine all the various information I gather, so posts will be infrequent at times.  My focus will be on Sudwest Afrika and the Herero Revolt/War, using 15mm Old Glory 15s figures and most likely the late Greg Novak's A Place in the Sun, modified with information from The Herero War, written by Roy Jones and Eric Alvarado, which is a treasure trove of information, with scenarios written for The Sword and the Flame.

What you will not find here are political opinions about the first genocide of the 20th Century.  I believe there is enough out there on that already, and one of the reasons I game is to enjoy time with friends and to get away from the real world and all the nasty politics that go on every day.  On occasion I may refer to various situations that border on political issues, but only as they are linked to the military operations.

What you will find already is a list of figures, recommended and confirmed by Mr. Jones, that one can use in 15mm for the Herero Revolt.  That list can be found on the Figures tab above.  What else you will find are my occasional ramblings about figures, terrain, battles, etc.  First and foremost this is a gaming blog so gaming it will be!

Even with my promise of irregular posts, I do hope you find the blog worthy enough to become a follower.  I am far from an expert on this subject, and there are some wonderful sites that cover the revolt in so many great ways (see the links to the right), but the blog will deliver on how to approach this conflict from a gamer's perspective.

The blog may eventually branch into other German colonial conflicts as well, particularly to the Bagamoyo Expedition (Wissmanntruppe) and perhaps Lettow-Vorbeck's amazing campaign in Ost Afrika during the Great War. 

Comments that offer advice, feedback, and constructive criticism are always welcome!


  1. I'm looking forward to your posts, A fascinating topic.

  2. Thank you...the blog will be very hit or miss as I am working on several other things right now (and have two other gaming blogs to try to maintain), but I have found that Blogger is a great way to organize info and thoughts for gaming projects!


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