16 January, 2018

Der Wind und der Löwe - Flags

There are a few sources out there for colonial flags, but I believe, as I only need a flag or two for each faction, I will use the venerable Warflag website as opposed to buying flagsheets from Cotton Jim, which would leave me with a slew of extra flags, or ordering from Flag Dude.  While I have ordered some very nice War of 1812 flags from Flag Dude in the past, the owner seems to be extremely hit and miss with communication and fulfilling orders, and admittedly I just do not have the tolerance for inconsistent customer service (see my rant about a certain miniatures company in a previous post).  So Warflag it is, and best of all, they are free!

Warflag offers the following countries/factions in their colonial range that fit the Der Wind und der Löwe project:  France, Germany, Italy, United States, Arabs, and Egyptians/Sudanese.  For my initial builds, this works suitably well, as I will be starting with Germans, local Khedive forces (Sudanese), and Arabs.  If my gaming buddies want to provide other factions, they will have to source their own flags. 😉

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