14 January, 2018

Der Wind und der Löwe - The Factions

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These are the ramblings regarding the various factions and their motivations.  This post will be added to from time to time as I flesh out the project.  All pictures are from the Blue Moon site.

Al-Faqihwit - a village who's small size belies its importance as a supply hub for explorations into the desert.  The Khedive of Turkey maintains a small military force in the area to "keep the peace" as well as to keep tabs on any discoveries the various explorations may dig up.  Will disrupt Russian plans if possible.  Force pool is two units of Sudanese led by Muhammad al-Alam.

Arabs - Having been pushed away from the coast, they still have benefited from interactions with the colonial powers in terms of trade and providing guides to the archaeological teams that roam the desert.  However, they want to control Al-Faqihwit and will act with whatever faction that will help them take over the village.  Led by Imraan al-Omar.

Tauregs - Wary of all, they have become less and less tolerant of incursions into their territory.  Rumors are they will strike Al-Faqihwit and destroy the village that supports the infidels.  Will attack the French if a favorable opportunity presents itself.  Led by Faraj al-Mohamed.

Americans - A supporter of exploration, but not to the point where it will insult the local factions (Arabs and Tauregs).  Typically will support the British in most actions, but will always try to do the right thing while protecting its own citizens and interests.  One unit of Marines led by Lieutenant Gavin Wood.

Germans - A bit of an enigma.  At times chivalrous, at others devious, the Germans will play any and all sides.  One unit of Seebattalion led by Leutnant Einhard Gräbner.

French - If the British are present then the French will be as well.  The French will take any opportunity to disrupt British influence as they seek sole control of Al-Faqihwit.  The main financial supporter of the various explorations.  Will only cooperate with other factions if that cooperation benefits their own end game.  One unit of marines led by Lieutenant Mathis De Saint-Pierre.

Italians - Will typically support the Germans in most efforts, and are harsh in their treatment of the locals.  They see the region as part of their domain, and hence will attempt to disrupt any other faction from taking control.  One unit of Bersaglieiri led by Tenente Alvise Cannone.

Russians - Brutal, will take any chance to attack the local forces as long as the other factions maintain a neutral stance.  One unit of sailors led by Leytenant Sergei Mikhailovich.

British - The British seek to control the local area through their "enlightened" administration.  One unit of Royal Marines led by Lieutenant Rowen Harrington.

Austrians - In lock step with the Germans and will follow their lead in all things.  Will try to hinder Italian goals.  One unit of sailors led by Leutnant Vass Flórián.

Local citizens will include Arab, African, and Victorian period civilians, along with archaeologists and explorers.

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