03 January, 2018

Some Updates

A post three days in a row!  A miracle compared to one post for all of 2017.  Perhaps having a bit of a new direction will also continue to drive more activity for the blog.

I have added a couple of files to download - Tuan, a set of Boxer Rebellion rules from Cellmate, and the Age of Stanley, a Volley and Bayonet modification for Africa, from where it comes I do not know.  Let me know if you have any issues with the links.

I've also added a new page, called Der Wind und der Löwe for my new foray into multinational intrigue and conflict set somewhere in North Africa.  For now it just lists the figures I plan to use.  I do hope to develop a background soon, which will carry through a few posts as I develop each faction and their motivation.

I've added a two blogs to the blog list as well.  Sour Kraut & Fried Rice has very few posts (three as of this writing), but it does focus on the Boxer Rebellion.  The Sgt. Guinness blog covers a wide variety of topics, but does have several posts dealing with The Wind and the Lion.  The terrain for those cinematic games is very good, something to aspire to with my own setup. 

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