23 January, 2018

Crom's Anvil - Order Received

Oh boy, the goodies from Crom's Anvil arrived today!  I placed my order on January 7th and today is the 23rd, so a total of sixteen days from Old Blighty.  Considering that the one terrain piece was built upon order with an email or two back and forth between the owner (Mike) and myself about the style of the terrain piece and the cost of shipping to the United States, I think the timeframe from day of order to day of receipt is pretty darn good. 

Packaging was ideal, with enough bubble wrap to keep the various pieces from taking any sort of abuse from the Post Awful (actually, the vast majority of interactions I have had with the U.S. Postal Service have been rather good).  

The stone walls (140mm long by 15mm wide by 20mm tall) and pillars (50mm tall by 15mm wide by 15mm deep) are a cleanly cast resin, with no defects or bubbles to speak of.  The trees are some sort of commercially made palms, and stand about 4" in height (100mm).  I decided to buy the ones that were not already painted, but as they are they will be easy to finish with a bit of highlighting and wash on the trunks and then based.  

The hand crafted piece measures 80mm by 60mm and has three bushes that are 20mm tall.  The bushes look to be manufactured by the same outfit that made the palm trees.  Mike threw in a few extra tuft bits that I will add to a couple of other terrain pieces I have.  A nice gesture on his part.

Overall, I am very pleased with my first order from Crom's Anvil.  I look forward to ordering more terrain offerings from them in the future.

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