25 January, 2018

Der Wind und der Löwe - The Spanish

While nicely painted, there is too much white poking through
Okay, so this is a bit of a detour, but a recent amount of activity on The Spanish-American War Yahoo group, which I happen to be the moderator of, got me interested in buying some figures for the land side of the war.  It just so happens that Scale Creep Miniatures is clearing out their stock of the old 15/18mm Fantassin then WarModelling then Capitan and now Stonewall Figures, so I  bought nearly all the available Spanish packs.  They arrived yesterday, and while Scale Creep did not have enough Spanish left for a full blown Spanish-American War project, they did have enough to provide a new faction for the 2018 project.  While I would prefer to have Spanish figures in sun helmet for that colonial vibe, these latest additions to the lead pile will do well enough.

I grabbed a mixture of marching and firing infantry, with infantry command, as well as cavalry with command, and a couple of packs of mounted leaders and aide de camps.  It would make for one powerful faction for the project, with two units of infantry, a couple of units of cavalry, and high command.  

For uniforms, I am going to go with the rayadillo overseas uniform, which many gamers interpret as a white uniform with blue stripes.  This is mostly true, but the number of thin blue stripes actually give the uniform a overall light blue hue, so a light blue gray would be better suited.  This article on the 1898 Miniatures site shows the effect I will be aiming for, as well as the picture of these actors from the movie 1898, Our Last Men in the Philippines.

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