22 February, 2018

Order Arrival

Some weeks ago I placed an order with JTFM for a pack each of their German and French regulars from their When the Navy Walked range.  In both cases the regulars are very suited to colonial style troops, as both packs are wearing sun helmets.  The figures are on the large side of 15mm, measuring 18mm from sole to eye.  There are two poses per pack, advancing and firing, with six of each pose per pack.  The figures are cleanly cast, and fairly proportionate.

I placed my order on January 3rd, and received them from Canada on February 20th, even though the figures were actually shipped on January 8th (delays evidently caused by Canada Post).  While the cost per pack is only $6.00 Canadian, shipping is on the high side.

My next order will be from Blue Moon and I will be able to provide comparison pictures at that time.

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