06 February, 2018

Some Musings/Updates

In a recent fit of organizational need, I took some time recently to get my gaming closet a bit organized.  My wife and I live in a two bedroom condo, and the second bedroom serves as our den/office with two computer tables, bookshelves, and my gaming "stuff" in the closet, and due to volume of the latter, that also spills out on the den floor.  Granted, a couple of piles are items to sell or give to gaming friends, but Lord what a clutter it was, and bothering the wife to boot.  So, I was highly motivated to get the closet organized and the overflow cleaned up.  Made massive headway and the den looks much larger somehow, with all the organizing and combining bins that I was able to tackle.  Now it will be time to start pulling out the Fantassin/Warmodelling/Capitan/Stonewall Spanish I recently picked up from Scale Creep and get them on bases.  I will also need to order some movement trays/horde bases, but that can wait a bit. 

In getting the closet organized I realized that I have a ton (for me) of desert terrain from the various buildings and terrain bits I have picked up over the years.  I really need to get it all out and set up for some pictures to share.  I can fill a four by four table (maybe larger) nicely with a village and outlying hills and rocky outcrops, a desert stream, and a fetid pond.  I really just need to paint up the walls from Crom's Anvil, and base and drybrush the palms from same, and the desert terrain is DONE.

A reminder to those who may find the German colonial wars as interesting as I do...years ago I created a Yahoo group for Ost Afrika, which then morphed into all German colonial wars (from a gaming perspective).  While I no longer moderate the group, you'll still find some good links and files there.

For rules there are a ton of options (discussed previously) but I am really leaning towards Colonial Adventures.  I picked up a hard copy of CA along with the campaign supplement recently, and I believe they will offer a simple and fun game for conventions.

Flags have been flowing in from Sgt. Guinness, he sent United States and Spanish flags from his collection recently.  I definitely have a collection for several factions now.

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