30 June, 2018

Der Wind und der Löwe - Small Update

Flags - Some months ago Sgt. Guinness (what a nice chap) sent me some Italian flags, so now I have Italian, Red and Green Crescents, American, Spanish, French, and of course German flags for the Der Wind und der Löwe project.  

Figures - I still haven't ordered any Blue Moon figures.  The project interest waned as I moved a bit more into other periods.  But now Lancashire Games has released a few packs of German East African troops for the Great War, and they may be quite useful, although Lancashire has a reputation for making very large 18mm castings.  As far as styling goes, they look like some of the best work Lancashire has going.  They only have infantry, infantry command, and uhlans at the moment (and I have no need for the latter), and I have not heard of any plans to expand the range, but taking advantage of a sale of their already reasonable prices I placed a small order today (which included some of their Bedouins) to see how they compare to the JTFM figures.

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