19 July, 2018

Lancashire Review - Thar Be Monsters!

"Are these 20mm?" I thought to myself when opening the bag of goodies sent from Lancashire.  Of course I have seen their figures before, but that was years ago, and even though many gamers comment on the huge size of the Lancashire miniatures on the various gaming forums, I had forgotten just how large they can be!  Measuring about 18mm from sole to eye, I would also called them hefty, or chunky, or thick, in terms of girth.  Lancashire has even gone as far as to start calling some of their ranges 18mm, which I think is a more accurate portrayal of many of their "15mm" figures.  

Taking advantage of a recent sale, I ordered some of the East Africa Germans from their World War One range, as well as a few packs of Bedouin foot, also from the World War One list.  Pricing for a foot infantryman during the sale was only .28 cents per figure, which is about as cheap a 15/18mm figure as you can find on the market today (and the normal price is .32 cents per foot figure).  Now, while Lancashire might not be the top of the line figures out there, they are serviceable and animated, and one will have a difficult time snapping a sword or bayonet!

These are some of the nicer figures I have seen from Lancashire.  As mentioned, they would rate 18H on the Barrett Scale as they are tall and hefty.

I will update this weekend with a few pictures as compared to JTFM and Thoroughbred.

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