26 April, 2015

On Hiatus, Or Can't Work on a Miniatures Project Without the G%$ D*%&^ Miniatures!

I have decided to put this project, and hence also this blog, on a bit of a hiatus.  While there seems to be a bit of movement on the Warweb/Old Glory 15s/19th Century front in terms of getting some orders to customers, there has not yet been enough positive feedback on The Miniatures Page to warrant trying to place an order with this much maligned company.  Seemingly they had a casting machine break down months ago, but for some reason are still months behind in getting orders filled.  I would think that being that far behind would mean one would be casting like crazy to get caught up, but that doesn't seem to be the case based on the time it is still taking for orders to be shipped.  And to be honest, while they have had casting woes, the fact that they simply will not reply to emails to tell their customers the status of their respective orders is still quite lousy service.

So, until they get their act together, or until someone makes a complete range of figures in 15mm to cover my needs, the project has come to a screeching halt.  I may, on occasion, find an interesting tidbit to share, but obviously without figures posting about collecting and painting, let alone gaming, will not be happening.


  1. Have you tried these beauties? http://www.hagen-miniatures.de/index.php/en/produkte/category/view/129

    There are also some 15mm Schutztruppe figures produced by HaT. http://www.hat.com/Curr3/Bx8268A/Bx8270S.html You can paint those in Tropenhelms as Seebattailon.

    1. Alas those are both 20mm or 1/72nd scale whereas 15mm are 100 or 108 scale. But thank you for the suggestions!

  2. The situation isn't much better in the larger 25/28mm scales. But here the question is the availability of figures in the first place. (It's one reason why I started doing German Colonials at Askari Miniatures.) Small demand, though, so there's no excuse for not keeping up with orders!


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